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We Are

We are a team of kick ass creatives who are passionate about telling visual stories and even more passionate about good design. To put it simply we love what we do and given the opportunity, we help others love what we do to.

From conceptual design to final launch we put our hearts into every brief with each creative bringing their own set of skills to the table.

We offer a full creative service with a  seamless, minimal approach to design. We are strategic thinkers always pushing the boundaries to ensure we capture the true essence of the brands story. 


We invest not only in the brand it's self but the driving force behind it  (the people) and that is where the opportunities exists and a great story can be told.

Our process is simple and direct with our clients involved every step of the way. There's no BS around here - its just good honest conversations....



Everyone has a story. We simply have a visual conversation with your audience and tell them your story.








Studio Whyte is a VISUAL sounding board to all stories from beginning, reinventing to endings. WE TAKE A BRAND TO NEW HEIGHTS.

We are always pushing the boundaries to take you on a journey of visual connection, intrigue and curiosity through outrageously creative ideas with a seamless minimal approach.

Why Stuido Whyte you may ask. Why Whyte and not White?

Yes we should have gone through the usual process of naming a business, but confession, we didn't. It was an impulse, a spur of the moment - light bulb situation. However 'white' was not available on any platforms to register! 

Studio Whyte, ideally is based on Leah's love of white space and the simplicity it holds, yet has so much ageless sophistication

So we became Studio Whyte, because White was taken!

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