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The Base Camp is a “Pay It Forward” type of initiative.


We understand the struggle in small business, we've been there done that and done it again. Business is freakin hard, let's just be honest.

At Studio Whyte we believe in giving back where we can the only way we know how. Because we are so passionate about good design we don't want to see other start ups go through the struggles of having an awesome idea, product or service and yet lack in the creative phase of their business. 


We want to see you succeed, we want to help you get your story out and position your brand where it can fly within the marketplace.

Every so often comes a kick ass start up idea that we believe will make a difference. We want to work with you “Pro Bono” to get your get your kick ass brand out to the world looking as shmick and fan-dangely as it can. Why? You may ask, well simply because we can, because we want to and because we simply help people.

This initiative offers a branding package for your new business to help kick start your journey.

If you believe you are worthy of some help and have an awesome story to go with it then reach out. 

Unfortunately we can't do this for everyone, we still need to feed our families right? But please get in touch with us and we will review all applications.


We are all about good design and making a difference. It’s a conversation we may have with you!!

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