We Are a team

Leah Smith

FOUNDER + CREATIVE DIRECTOR With over 20 years experience in the design and print industry, Leah has finally got her shit together to be able to offer a premium service amongst the challenges that come with a working mum. ​With a Diploma in Design and a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication under her belt along with an Italian Scholarship from Monash University and experience in both agency and Print Houses, Leah sees a gap in the industry where people are struggling to execute a strong brand through consistency and cohesiveness, particularly in rural areas where the education and importance of good design lacks. Leah has tried to bridge the gap by creating the "Base Camp" initiative. It is her way of giving a little back to the community and other businesses that are trying to do good with their start up in a world that is already so busy.​ This also rolls into a passion for helping other Graduate Designers get the experience they need to land on their feet in those first industry roles. Driven by her own experiences, The Grad Program has been designed for rural graduates of a Visual Communication/Graphic Design degree to gain industry experience before stepping out into the "Real World" and those career changing roles. To find out more information about this program Click Here. ​Leah dreams big and can't go without her coffee, but her passion and need to give is her driving force to make things just a little better for someone else. Leah thrives on pushing boundaries and finding new creative ways for her clients needs. A mum of three, Leah is putting on ther Boss Lady pants and giving it a crack! " One day I would like to think I have made a differece, even a small one within the design community. This is such a saturated insdustry, if me and my agency can make even the smallest contribution to up hold the values and make sure we are valued as professionals I would be happy." - Leah Smith

Jaynika Veitch

DESIGN MANAGER + ART DIRECTION + GRAPHIC DESIGNER Jaynika is a confident and dedicated designer with over 12 years experience in design and the print industry. With a Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts (Graphic Design) from the University of Ballarat, Jaynika specialises in Branding, Idenity Design and Print with a passion for Editorial Layout and Publication Design. Highly organised and motivated in her work, Jaynika not only gets behind the computer to be creative but also runs our design team, making sure everything is running seamlessly and on track for our clients. She is also our Director Leah's right hand Queen and grounder when BIG THINGS exceed reality!! When she is not being creative Jaynika likes to travel and keep fit and is busy being a new mum to a little man who keeps her on her toes.

Caylan Goring


Having a life long passion for design and illustration it’s no surprise that Caylan ended up in the creative industry. After studying at Shillington College, Caylan had his first taste in the design industry working in-house for a FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company, he was fortunate to work on wide range of projects from packaging design to developing and art directing the companies premier e-magazine Cravelife.

Not afraid to be risky and push boundaries with his design choices, Caylan brings a can do attitude to all aspects of his work not matter how big or small the project.

A self confessed comic book nerd Caylan loves spending time scouring the local comic book stores and going on adventures with he’s beloved staffy Sarge.

Emily Figgis


We have been lucky enough to find each other here at Studio Whyte where each and every one of us brings something different to the table. We are a diverse bunch who don't take ourselves too seriously, but we are super passionate about what we do.

We are collaborators, we are a collective.