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With the Covid-19 Global Pandemic hitting us all hard, we have been lucky enough to be in an industry that is needed more now than ever before. With businesses forcing to close in these uncertain times, we are taking a leaf out of our friends 40/40 Creative's book and would like to lend a hand (or an elbow) to help you get online and continue to service your customers as much as possible.


If you are a business who has been forced to shut the doors and aren't already online in the digital space, we can help.


If you you are suddenly feeling overwhelmed and don't know where to start, if you need help setting up your social media, a post created, menus designed for the digital space, website help, anything you need to keep your business running online through these difficult times - shout out. 

We are offering to 'pay it forward' and offer our creative services for *free to those businesses in need. Simply fill out the form with your details and what you need and we will be in touch.

*FREE - does not mean you take advantage of this offer just to get a bunch of free shit. Lets be real people. This offer is for genuine businesses who are in need of help. Our offer is limited and includes work like a social media post, menu or other information designed to keep your customers informed at this current time. Studio Whyte reserves the right to not offer their services if they feel the client is not genuine, taking advantage, or simply asking too much of us for nothing (we still need to support our families too). Where we cannot do a service, we will always offer advice and other alternatives if possible. Each business's needs will be different so we will discuss what we can do for you upon enquiry. Keep it real and all we ask is that you pay it forward in some way or another and support us as we support you. 


Thanks for submitting!


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