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Brand Strategy

Your brand is so much more than that pretty icon on your Insta profile or logo on your business card. In fact your brand isn't any one thing. It's everything. It speaks volumes about who you are as an organisation and the experience your customer will get when interacting with your brand.

It is peoples perception of you and how they feel and think about your company, products and services.


Your branding encompasses so much more than just the visual realm. It's the process of influencing perceptions and emotional connections through language, communication and experience, both visually and emotionally.


Long story short, this is why a brand strategy is so freakin important to your business. This is the nuts and bolts that will give your brand longevity and the edge to survive in the market.

This is why you are here right? Reading this? Because you want to get your shit together? Well read on!


Brand Strategy Session

You get to sit with us and chat for an hour all about you and your business. We want to hear your story, the things you struggle with and the wins. We listen to what you like and don't, where you want to be in 5 years and you will most likely hear about our story too. We bridge the gap between your vision and how it's implemented creatively, mastering all aspects of creative thinking from brand position, target markets, your brands tone and feel to your online presence.  We draw a road map of your brand that will become the foundation your branding is built on.

If you are in start up phase of your business or even looking to re brand your existing business then this is the starting point for you. Drop us a line and say hello.

We would love to hear your story.

Idenity Design

Identity Design

If you are looking for a new logo or branding for you business, or even a refresh of your existing business then this is our jam. Weather you are a start up, individual, existing entity or simply have a crazy idea you want to bring to life we are here to help. It's what we do, its what we are experts in, so throw it at us!

With any new biz ready to rock it or an existing business that needs a little 'extra' our process begins with a strategy session and briefing. We will set up a meet and greet and go over the nitty gritty, we then send you out a briefing doc to get some more info on your needs, how's and why's. Once the briefing is finalised and signed off you will pay a %50 deposit so we can start doing our magic.

Mood boarding is an important phase of the process, this is where we collect and collage a series of images and texts that we feel create a visual idea of how your branding could look and feel. It gives you an understanding of the direction we see your branding and how that may be positioned in the market.

From here our design team will curate a unique set of concepts for your logo and mockups to visualise how your brand can be applied to collateral. You will receive 3-5 concepts with 3 rounds of revisions to finesse and get it looking shmick.

Once your logo and relevant assets are finalised, we will create a branding style guide which entails how to implement your branding and the best ways to do so with all the do's and dont's you will ever need. It will have all your font and colour information along with how your spunky new branding is applied to your collateral. A must have for any business serious about their branding.

Business Development

Business Development

If you have an idea and you don't know where to start, come talk to us. If you are struggling with a business name we can help. We work with you brainstorming and creating key words around your Core Values and Vision to find a gem to get you started.

Or if you really just need to have a chat, come and have a cuppa or give us a call! Either way we are business helping business, and if we can help you we will.


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